New art for old walls

Health and wellbeing, Library Updates

Remember this drab look?

Picture of the view from the library front desk. Shadowed, empty white walls stretch away to the back right of the picture, cubicles sit sadly without colour and artistic life to enjoy.
Soon colour will come to our walls.

Well, thanks to the artistic skills of Gateshead Health staff, we will soon have three new photographs to adorn the blank space. Our photo competition has been judged (many thanks to our CEO Yvonne Ormston who took the time to make the choices) and we have our three winners.

In third place we have Gillian Coulthard. She was struck by the image of these crutches and saw the resemblance to Game of Throne’s iconic Iron Throne – Gateshead style. One for the North in the shadow of the Wall, this is playful, but still contains a reminder of the important work we all do at the Trust for our patients.

Winter is coming. Though not for a few months hopefully.

Our second place winner looked to the north’s historical roots (rather than literary allusions). Robert Mustard took the following picture of Gateshead industrial heritage. Focusing on the Baltic Flour Mill, across the river, through the Millennium bridge, the image captures the mingling of old and new in Gateshead, and shows how spaces are revitalised for modern audiences. The tinting reminds us of finding late-20th century photographs as well, further blurring the sense of period.

Image of the Baltic Flour mill in Gateshead from across the river, through the wires of the Millenium bridge. Photo aims upward toward the blue, cloudy sky. Focus is on the building, with people in the foreground gently blurred.
Old amidst new; old becoming new.

There can only be one winner though, and ours is Louise Brown. The winning photograph presents an iconic and instantly recognisable figure (and symbol of the Trust) in Our beautiful angel. Antony Gormley’s beloved figure is dramatically back-lit by a multicoloured sky. The picture tricks the sense of scale, the angel could be almost seem human – if it weren’t for the trees that emphasise its true size.

All the winning pictures will be framed and displayed in the library, bringing a new life to the walls. Thank you to our winners, thank you to the Health and Wellbeing team (who partnered with us and supplied the prizes) and thank you to everyone who took part. We have enjoyed seeing your creativity and artistry across the period of the competition.

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